UH’s Wolff Center Ranked #1 Undergrad Entrepreneurship Program Of 2011

The Princeton Review and Entrepreneur magazine have named the University of Houston's Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship as the top undergraduate entrepreneurship program for 2011.

twenty fiveThe survey ranks the country’s top twenty-five undergraduate and top twenty-five graduate entrepreneurship programs. Robert Franek is Princeton Review’s senior vice president for publishing.

“University of Houston is number one on our list of undergraduate schools. The significance is that it’s been in that number one or two spot consecutively for the last five years. Well deserved congratulations to the student and faculty members at University of Houston.”

Franek says that one of the reasons Houston regularly hits the top of the undergrad list is that so many of its students apply what they learn in class to launch their own businesses while still in school.

“University of Houston, specifically that Wolff Center, has been unapologetic about saying that they are growing a student base that can be very, very successful in the Houston community.”

For the complete undergraduate and graduate entrepreneurship program rankings, visit Entrepreneur magazine .


Andrew Schneider

Andrew Schneider

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