Houston Remembers 9/11

The City of Houston marked the tenth year anniversary of 9/11 today with a ceremony held at the reflection pool in front of City Hall.

It was a ceremony that included the Presentation of Colors, the National Anthem and the invocation given by both the Houston Fire and Police Chaplains.

Mayor Annise Parker gave the remarks:

“We’re here today not because we can’t forget, but because we choose to remember all the things around that day: the loss of innocence, the feeling of vulnerability of Americans, but also the strength, the resilience, the courage of the first responders, the losses of the families.”

In 2001, Tim Gallagher was with Texas Task Force One, and traveled to New York to help with the search and recovery effort.

“On this ten year anniversary, we remember. We remember those unfortunate victims. We remember the families they left behind. And we especially remember those first responders, who made the ultimate sacrifice, without hesitation, to give of themselves, so others could live.”

Woman: “Today there will be no closing remarks, rather, we ask for you to embody the spirit of the music and reflect on the words spoken here and throughout the weekend.  And people should lay their carnations in the reflection pool.”

Some people say it’s hard to believe it’s been ten years since the terrorist attacks. Others say it seems like it was just yesterday. But they all say, they’ll never forget that day and they hope America never forgets.