ADL Puts Together Prayers For 9/11

The Houston Anti-Defamation League has teamed up with several local religious leaders to write a series of prayers that can be used at services commemorating the 9/11 anniversary. The main goal is for people to not live in fear or hate.

It’s been ten years since 9/11, the day of the deadliest attack on American soil.

The Anti Defamation League and a number of local religious leaders have put together some prayers they’d like churches and the public to read or to say.

Sister Jane Meyer helped put together the prayers and explains why.

“There are not many dates that weigh so heavily on us, or changed us so dramatically as 9-11, and as a coalition we wanted to come together as people’s of all faiths and world views in a global movement of peace, solidarity and reconciliation.”

Here is one example of the many prayers. This one read by Rabbi Gideon Estes:

Rabbi Gideon Estes“Of God of mercy and love, heal the deep divisions of our world. Set in our hearts the spirit of forgiveness, reconciliation and peace. Let the day may soon come that we no longer distrust or fear one another, but are drawn together in the unity of purpose and understand and love and in peace. We pray this in God’s name. Amen.”

A common theme of the prayers is peace. Another word used often is fear. The various religious leaders all say Americans should not live in fear, more specifically, they should not fear common Muslims.

Sheik Omar Inshanalli says terrorists use falsely use Islam to commit evil. 

“There is no place for violence and vengeance in Islam. If you read the Koran and the words of Mohammed in the proper context, there is absolutely no place for violence. Justice, yes. Self defense, yes.”

Rabbi Gideon Estes acknowledges that it’s normal for Americans to have some degree of fear, but how they deal with that fear is what he hopes to address.

“It’s not saying don’t be careful and if you are riding a public bus and you see a bag unattended that you aren’t cautious. What the work of this group was, don’t allow yourself to fall into the easy things of Islamaphobia and things like that, which are such easy targets to address.”

adl prayer conference

From left to right: Martin B. Cominsky, Rabbi Gideon Estes, Sister Jane Meyer and Sheik Omar Inshanalli.