Local Companies Lends Help To East Coast

As people on the East Coast brace for Hurricane Irene, one local company that provides power generators is vowing to do whatever it can to help. Houston based Worldwide Power Products says it will make a number of large generators available if needed.

Worldwide Power Products is an industrial power equipment provider that does business all over the country.

“We have generators that will go that are as small as providing power to a residential home, all the way up to generators the size to back up a full hospital.”

That’s Dave Vennie the company’s vice president of sales. He says his phone ringing off the hook as businesses look for backup plans if the hurricane knocks out power.

Those businesses will be paying customers, but Vennie says his company is also making available more than 30-megawatts worth of generating power. Vennie says they do a lot of business on the East Coast and they just want to help.

“We’d like to help them out as much as we can. We don’t have a threat of a hurricane in this area right now, so the need isn’t as big here as it is right there right now. So there is no sense of keeping our product here when it could be utilized for good over on the East Coast.”

Three years ago when Hurricane Ike struck the Houston-Galveston area Worldwide Products helped get businesses back open here as well.

“The big ones are gas stations and grocery stores. People need the food, the ice the candles and the gas stations to fuel and actually leave.”

His company is in a position to help more than just a few gas stations. They have generators that can produce 30-megawatts of power. He says a typical hospital uses about 2 megawatts.