A Sonic Cherry Limeade Was His Downfall

The search for Oklahoma fugitive Charles Dyer ended this morning in Fort Bend County. Authorities say the ex-marine was hungry and tired when he surrendered peacefully.

Deputy Jeremy Goodrich, Fort Bend County Sheriff's Department
Deputy Jeremy Goodrich, Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Department

Muddied, wet and tired, 31 yr old Charles Dyer was walking down the street near Pecan Grove when Fort Bend County Deputy Jeremy Goodrich spotted him.

“He gave me a fake name at first and he couldn’t come up with a birthday. So I pressed him and he ended up, along with the fugitive guys helping me out, we got his name out of him.”

The ex-marine had been the subject of a nationwide manhunt since Sunday, after he failed to appear in court in Oklahoma for a sexual assault charge involving a child.

He was initially spotted in the Sealy area, and later between Wallis and Orchard in Fort Bend County on Monday. He was living along the Brazos River. But a craving for a Sonic cherry limeade, started a chain of events that lead to his arrest. A resident recognized him when he left a local Sonic.

Deputy Goodrich eventually arrested him.

“He made some statements that they’d been really close and hiding.”

Reporter: “Was he kind of bragging about that?”

Goodrich: “No really, just talking. I didn’t press him too much. He was tired and cramping up. I mean, I didn’t want to press him. When he put his hands in the car, dropped to his knees and that was it.”
Although he was believed to be heavily armed, he didn’t have any weapons on him, and was carrying a large amount of money when captured.

Chief Deputy Craig Brady
Chief Deputy Craig Brady

Chief Deputy Craig Brady says Dyer will remain in the Fort Bend County Jail pending extradition to Oklahoma.

“Anytime you get a fugitive off the street, especially one that’s a child predator, it’s a major accomplishment. We’re very fortunate that we don’t have any indication that anybody else has been assaulted, or even approached by him at this point in Texas, but it’s a major accomplishment to take any wanted fugitive off the street.”