Houston Jobless Rate Down, But Still Mixed News

It was a mixed bag last month for employment in Houston. The latest numbers from the Texas Workforce Commission show a slight dip in unemployment, but more job losses in Houston.

While the statewide unemployment rate rose slightly, from 8.2 percent in June to 8.4 percent last month, Houston’s jobless rate dropped from 9 percent in June to 8.9 percent in July. Lisa Givens is with the Texas Workforce Commission and says Houston was still down a few jobs in July.

“Over the month in Houston we did see a loss of 9,000 jobs. However, over the year, there is a positive 65,100 jobs added in
the Houston area at a 2.6 percent job growth rate, which is very healthy.”

Compared to last July’s jobless rate of 8.7 percent, Houston’s unemployment rate was up year-over-year last month. Givens
says despite the slightly higher numbers, Texas is actually adding jobs at a brisk pace.

“We’ve added jobs in nine of the 11 major industries throughout the state. We are up nearly 270,000 jobs since last year here
in Texas. So although our rate is up, we are seeing some positive job growth.”

The Texas Workforce Commission says the state has added jobs for ten straight months. The Midland area had the state’s
lowest unemployment rate in July, at just 5.1 percent.