Red Light Cameras Still In Limbo

The debate over red light cameras in the city of Houston is delayed for another week. Houston Councilmembers were supposed to vote on the issue today — but a procedural maneuver put a stop to discussion on the matter.

The item up for a vote was a resolution to continue litigation against American Traffic Solutions over how much money the city should pay for negating the red light camera contract.

Houston Mayor Annise Parker says she wants council to put their support behind the city’s contract dispute.

“I appreciate the fact that councilmembers are very happy to let me make all the hard decisions, but these are decisions that do impact the City of Houston financially. And I spared council being in the fray until it became apparent to me that we were not making progress with ATS.”

Nevertheless, Councilmember Sue Lovell punted the issue off until next week.

“But I think that it’s prudent for us to have some discussions about the funds, before we vote on an ordinance change this Friday, which is prudent. So I’m going to tag this item.”

Meanwhile, councilmembers will hold a special meeting Friday morning to reconsider the city’s overall position on red light cameras.

“The fact that we have to work through the contract dispute we have with ATS is separate from whether we have an ordinance allowing the use of red light cameras.”

Councilmembers are likely to tag that item on Friday as well, and bring both issues up for a final vote next Wednesday.
The city will also go into mediation with ATS over the weekend.


Laurie Johnson

Laurie Johnson


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