Concrete Pours On Rail For First Time In Ten Years On Houston’s Southeast Side

METRO shuts one door on the North Line and opens another in Houston’s Southeast End.

Houston’s Southeast residents may get used to hearing the sound of this truck as new concrete pours into an 80-foot section of METRO’s light rail project.  This early stage is right on the corner of Paige and Rusk.

The entire line will come in at 6.6 miles of track crossing Southeast Houston and connecting to the current Main St. Line. 

METRO Chairman Gilbert Garcia was almost bouncing with enthusiasm that this day had finally arrived.

“This is an exciting moment, exciting day for all of us here at METRO, for the community and I gotta tell ya, it’s been more than ten years since we laid concrete for rail. And you know what we’re here today and rail is coming to Houston.”

Southeast End Light Rail project The line will eventually run from the new Dynamo Stadium downtown out to the University of Houston campus.

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson-Lee was on hand to congratulate METRO and is also excited about the opportunities this kind of infrastructure will bring to the city of Houston.

“The numbers of jobs to be created by an extended METRO mobility system are upwards of 60,000. That include the creation or the opportunities for small businesses, but as well, the enhanced mobility and the interest of people to relocate to this area because it is an improved quality of life.”

The locations on this new line will include Downtown, McGregor Park, Texas Southern University and UH Central Campus. METRO’s aim is to have the entire line up and running by mid 2014.


Edel Howlin

Edel Howlin

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