Immigration Express-Style With A Side Of Fraud Prevention

A pilot program is launched in Houston that gives legal permanent residents a better way to process immigration forms quickly and a low cost. It also helps them avoid immigration fraud.

More than 100 million immigration forms are filed in the U.S. every year, and while many applicants often go to third parties, many have no formal training in U.S. immigration law. Tim Heffernan with NCR Corporation, says self service kiosks will now allow applicants a better way to fill out various forms safely, quickly and at a low cost.

“We feel that they’re preying upon this population, charging them in our opinion, obscene amounts of money, to fill out very simple forms. And those people also don’t have access to the things that we would take for granted, in terms of dealing with the government, or having access online.”

Heffernan says kiosks now located at 5 retail stores are simple to operate.

“We’re really looking at how to take self service, so that everyone has access to it.”

For details and kiosk locations, go to ImmigrationXpress and Barri Financial Group.