An Affordable Oasis For Houston Veterans

The Harris County Housing Authority will open its newest affording housing complex next week. But this facility will be unlike any other affordable housing in the country. This one was created specifically for veterans. Bill Stamps has more.

Sierra Meadows is a new ten acre housing complex in Humble. It’s a mix of one and two bedroom apartments and town homes. But that’s not what makes this new construction unique. The Harris County Housing Authority would like to see the units filled with men and women who have served in the armed forces and who are also over 55.

Garrison Wynn is a spokesman for the Housing Authority.

“You know we always like to pay tribute and help veterans after they’re dead. We like to build them a statue. We like to give them a wall. We like to give surviving members a flag, but we really don’t do enough for them when they’re actually alive.”

So they decided to build a housing complex for senior veterans. In order to build a nice place that was still affordable the County used the low income tax credit program.  From the outside it looks like any other multi-unit complex. But inside there’s an obvious theme to it.

“There’s a Purple Heart garden. There’s an 18 hole putt-putt golf course that’s there. There’s a pool in the shape of the United States. They’ve done a lot of things in tribute to the military. Unlike what we call ‘affordable housing’ this is resort style and well built. It’s a very impressive property.”

Although the new complex was built with veterans in mind, it’s open anyone over 55 living on a limited budget. Wynn says Sierra Meadows is more of a resort style property with a patriot theme.

“It’s just like regular affordable housing, but it doesn’t suck. It is quality construction and it’s built well.  When people come out and see it on July 18th, they will be very impressed.”

 July 18th is the grand opening ceremony. They’re planning to have special guests, even live music. The county already has senior vets waiting to move in.  Wynn says the county got the Armed Forces idea from the White House.

“Michelle Obama and Joe Biden came out with something called ‘joining forces.’ And what that is is to mobilize all sectors of society to give our service members and their families the opportunities and support they’ve earned.”

If you walk around the property or see pictures of Sierra Meadows, you’d probably have no idea it’s for seniors.  Organizers and developers say that’s the way they want it.