Gasoline Prices Down A Little, But Price Drops May End Soon

Average retail gasoline prices in Houston have again fallen over the past week. But the price drops may be coming to an end. Ed Mayberry reports.

The price of a gallon of gasoline is down a couple more pennies, as Senior Petroleum Analyst Patrick DeHaan with GasBuddy explains.

“A week ago, prices averaged $3.41. Today prices are averaging about $3.39 a gallon, so prices have gone down a little bit over the July 4 weekend. However, it may not last. Oil prices have gone up the last week, and that may mean that gas prices slowly begin to rise sometime in the near future.”

In fact, the national average has already increased a half-cent, now averaging $3.57 per gallon. Some areas in the Great Lakes region are seeing big price increases, which is affecting the national average. Gas Buddy operates, and other websites that track prices at over 125,000 gasoline stations in the United States and Canada. DeHaan says they also use Facebook and Twitter — and phone apps — to keep motorists ahead of changing gasoline prices.

“The GasBuddy app can sort it by price. The lowest price in the Houston area today, coming in at Chevron in Friendswood. A Kroger, as well. And you also can also see the highest price, so you know what price is good and what price is not so good.” 

Data is submitted by volunteer community price spotters through the smartphone apps. Including the change in gas prices in Houston during the past week, prices are about 88 cents per gallon higher than the same day a year ago, but about 18 cents lower than a month ago.


Ed Mayberry

Ed Mayberry

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