Court Documents Reveal Hayward’s PR Involvement in BP Oil Spill

Newly revealed court transcripts of hearings involving Tony Hayward show the former BP chief fighting off accusations that he sought to prop up the company's falling share price through his subordinates' daily media briefings on the Gulf oil spill.  KUHF business reporter Andrew Schneider has more.

The documents obtained by the Associated Press cover a sworn deposition Hayward presented at a London court hearing last month.  The transcripts show Hayward being grilled by lawyers for the US Government, plaintiffs suing BP and states harmed by the Deepwater Horizon spill.

An attorney for Louisiana singled out an e-mail Hayward sent to an aide asking him to brief the media to counter “ridiculous stories that were the main reason behind the share price weakness.”

The documents also show Hayward defending himself against accusations that BP failed to keep its promise to share data on how much crude was seeping into the sea.

Hayward spent much of the three month spill working out of BP’s US headquarters in West Houston.

Andrew Schneider, KUHF News.


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