Senator Cornyn Praises Obama Nominations for U.S. Attorneys

President Barack Obama nominated Republicans for leaders of all four U.S. Attorneys' Offices in Texas, snubbing a list provided by House Democrats in October 2009.

Senator John Cornyn joined Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison in making a different set of recommendations.


“Well, I would like to say that, that common sense and sensibility prevailed. But I am pleased with the result, even though I can’t explain why it took so long to get there. They may not have picked, in every case, the person that the Democratic House delegation would have preferred, but I think the White House understood the constitutional role of the Senate when it comes to advise and consent.”

Obama tapped John Malcom Bales for the Eastern District of Texas, Kenneth Magidson for the Southern District, Robert Pitman for the Western District and Sarah Saldana for the Northern District. The President has nine U.S. attorney nominations now waiting for Senate confirmation.


Ed Mayberry

Ed Mayberry

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