White House Environmental Policy Adviser visits

In KUHF Business News, the chair of the White House Council on Environmental Quality visited the Gerald Hines College of Architecture at the University of Houston this week. Nancy Sutley met with Hines students and faculty to discuss green building technology. KUHF business reporter Andrew Schneider has more.

White House Environmental Policy Adviser Nancy SutleyNancy Sutley’s visit comes ahead of an announcement on President Obama’s Better Buildings Initiative set for later this week. The program aims to increase energy efficiency in commercial buildings by 20% over the next decade.

But Sutley came to Hines less to talk than to listen. She said she was excited to meet the people she described as the next generation of leaders in green building.

“You don’t have to convince young people in this country that sustainability is an important value. They all want to be a part of it and to bring their creativity and ingenuity to solving the problems of this age and the problems of their age. It’s really, it’s great to hear and great to see. So we’re looking forward to hearing what’s going on here and learning about some of the projects they’re working on.”

Sutley took in demonstrations of a number of projects developed by the University of Houston’s Green Building Components program. The demonstrations included a trailer that can provide emergency workers with solar-powered electricity in the aftermath of a hurricane, as well as a new urban gardening system.

Andrew Schneider, KUHF Business News.


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