Red Cross Assesses Grimes County Damage

Red Cross volunteers are canvassing Grimes County today as they assess damage from the wildfires. Laurie Johnson reports.

The Red Cross shelter in Navasota will close this weekend now that evacuation orders have been lifted. But the work for volunteers is far from over.

Tim Kidwell is the senior director for planning and response with the American Red Cross and says today they’re trying to determine exactly what was destroyed.

“The Texas Forest Service has provided us with a list of addresses that are the homes that are destroyed. Their definition of a home destroyed is that the home’s no longer there. There’s other homes that have been damaged. So we go in there and we look to see if it’s major damage, minor damage and what did the families lose. So the assistance is based on the need and what they basically lost in the disaster.”

Tomorrow case workers will start meeting with the victims to assess their needs and provide money for clothing, food and other immediate emergency needs.

“And we’re not only trying to assess their needs and what they lost, but what is their plan? We’re trying to develop a plan for them, or have them develop a plan in our conversation on what’s their next steps — where are you going to live, what resources do you have available to you for your recovery.”

Kidwell says 47 homes were completely destroyed and they estimate about 60 to 75 families total will need assistance. 


For a map, visit the Grimes County Restricted Area Map.


Laurie Johnson

Laurie Johnson


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