BP Texas City Refinery Restores More Production

BP is reporting that it has now restored most of the capacity at its Texas City refinery. The company has spent the past two months restoring production following an emergency shutdown. Andrew Schneider has more.

BP refineryBP’s Texas City refinery normally processes about 475,000 barrels of oil per day. But a series of power outages on April 25th forced the company to shut the plant down for three days. BP spokesman Scott Dean.

“We’ve only been able to economically utilize about half the plant’s capacity over the average of the second quarter.”

Dean says that, while the refinery won’t be back at full capacity till the end of August, most of the affected units are now back on line.

The short distance from Texas City’s refineries are a major reason Houston enjoys low gas prices relative to the rest of the country. That also means that Houston feels the disruption at those refineries more than most. Michelle Foss is the Houston-based head of the University of Texas’ Center for Energy Economics.

“Even though this is kind of a small thing in the overall set of forces that are buffeting the global industry these days, it is a regional factor that we have to pay attention to and watch.”

Which means Houstonians will pay an extra few cents a gallon for a bit longer.


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