Summer Travel Outlook

More people are expected to travel this summer, despite the weak economy and the high cost of fuel. Andrew Schneider has the story.

sun over oceanJeannene Tornatore is senior editor with the online travel company Tornatore says that airfares to and hotel rates at popular tourist destinations — such as Orlando, Florida and Las Vegas — are all up from last year. But that’s having little effect on bookings.

“Certainly, people are getting back out there. They’re not thinking just about the ‘staycation’ any more, but they’re trying to take advantage while some of these prices are still in the moderate-to-low range.”

Tornatore has one suggestion for Houstonians who might be considering staying at home because of the high cost of air travel.

“Because you have a local port, it’s very inexpensive to take cruises. You can find five-night cruises for as little as $250 per person during the summer months along the Mexico shorelines and into the Caribbean.”


Andrew Schneider

Andrew Schneider

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Andrew Schneider joined News 88.7 in January 2011. Since arriving in Houston, he has reported on the many changes wrought on the region’s economy by the revolution in domestic oil and gas production. His non-energy reporting runs the gamut from white-collar crime to cattle ranching. His work has aired on...

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