What Survey ‘Outlooks’ for Houston Employment

Workforce staffing company Manpower is releasing its employment outlook survey for the third quarter this morning. Andrew Schneider breaks out the survey results for Houston.

growthManpower is reporting that a net 18% of Houston area companies plan to hire more employees between July and September, up three percentage points from the third quarter of last year. Regional director Doug Karr.

“When you compare us to the rest of the nation, we’re right in the middle. Probably the strongest state is Alaska at a plus 28, the weakest being Hawaii at a plus six.”

Karr describes employers as optimistic but cautious. He says they’re waiting for consumers to start buying more of what they have to sell before they pick up the pace in hiring.

“It’s kind of a vicious cycle that the longer that we believe that we’re going to continue in the recession, the longer it’s going to take to recover from it.”

Among the exceptions are IT and engineering. Karr says a shortage of talent in both those fields is putting companies under pressure to bring new workers on board as quickly as possible.


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