Missing Elderly Couple Found Safe in Flordia

The family of a missing elderly couple is on its way to Florida bring the pair home after a nearly 600-mile wrong turn over the weekend. Jack Williams reports.

Saloman and Lorenza Gasca went missing Sunday as they drove from their son’s home in Katy to another family gathering about 20 miles away. Turns out the couple drove all the way to Pensacola, Florida, instead where they were pulled over by a police officer who ran their license plate and realized they were missing from Texas.

Sal Gasca is the couple’s son and is on the way to Florida to pick-up his parents.

“Not in my wildest dreams did I ever think they would end up in Florida. My mom has always been very lucid and has her bearings about her and my dad has always been a bit on the stubborn side. My mom said she kept telling him that ‘none of this looks familiar, I think we’re lost’ and he was insistent that ‘we’re okay, we’re okay’ and they just continued driving.”  

The Gascas only stopped for gas on the trip and didn’t have anything to eat for nearly two days. Sal Gasca says the last couple of days have been hard.

“We’re just happy that we got a happy ending. We have them back. I guess it’s not really going to hit me until I actually have them and we actually see them and it really hasn’t hit me that this is over until we finally see them and get them home.” 

Gasca says he plans to publically thank local law enforcement agencies for their help in the search later this week.