Social Media Abuse in the Workplace

A new Microsoft survey of information technology professionals finds Houston among the worst performers when it comes to abuse of social media on the job. Andrew Schneider has more.

laptopAccording to Microsoft, more than half the information workers in greater Houston say their company has a formal policy allowing employees to work remotely. That’s in line with the rest of the country.

Microsoft vice president Jennifer Heard says Houston’s also earning a top ranking, but it’s not one worth bragging about.

“The ranking actually for the 15 U.S. cities that were surveyed showed that Houston was in the highest of the ranking as far as being reported as employees had been reprimanded or terminated for the misuse of social media. And when I state at the highest ranking — Dallas, Houston, and Philadelphia, they were in the top three.”

The study cites Houston’s below average use of internal social networking tools as contributing to such misuse. Just under half the IT workers surveyed nationally use such internal networks to work with colleagues and customers, compared to about a quarter of Houston workers. By comparison, more than 40 percent of Houston information workers use public social networks, such as Facebook, for such communication.


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