Increase in Memorial Day Travel

The price of gasoline apparently won't keep Texans from taking to the road this Memorial Day weekend. Pat Hernandez has more.

Texans traveling this Memorial Day Holiday weekend will increase by about one percent from the year before. That’s according to Dan Ronan with Triple-A Texas:

“About 2.75 million people will be taking a trip in Texas, and it’s not an enormous bump, but it is still an increase for two consecutive years. And I think that it’s another indication that people have decided that they may be more prudent, in terms of how they handle their money and in terms of what they spend, but they’re still going to go out and take some trips.”

He expects people to drive an average of 800-miles round trip, significantly higher than last year as well. Ronan says more people will be taking to the air as well.

“We’re looking at an increase of about 11 percent for air travel, and that’s pretty significant. That’s again, two years in a row, where we’ve seen a significant increase in air travel.”

Spending this holiday weekend will be 14-percent lower than last year though. Ronan says travelers will be visiting with relatives or stay at a slightly less expensive hotel.