Job Market Outlook for Recent Grads

Friday and Saturday brought a wave of college commencements across Houston. Andrew Schneider looks at the job market for new graduates.

thrown graduation hatsThe class of 2011 is entering the best entry-level job market in three years. That’s the word according to global outplacement consultancy Challenger, Gray and Christmas. Company CEO John Challenger:

“We’ve seen three consecutive months of significant job creation, and that’s going to make a difference for this year’s college grads.”

Challenger warns, though, that new graduates can’t afford to be complacent.

“There’s a lot of competition out there, especially from some of these grads of the last few years who’ve taken jobs, perhaps not the foundation jobs that they wanted. But they’ve gone to work, they have experience, and they’re competing for those good first jobs that they hoped they might have found during the recession and weren’t able to come across.”

New grads typically have a much bigger network than they imagine to help them with their job search. Potential contacts range from professors and job programs at their colleges to fraternity brothers or sorority sisters who are already employed. Above all, Challenger says, the key is to start looking immediately.


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