Congressional Delegation on Bin Laden

Members of the Texas Congressional Delegation say Osama bin Laden's death shows that the United States has kept its commitment to seeing that justice is done.  Ed Mayberry reports.

Democrat Gene Green says the U.S. military and administration kept their promise to continue to fight terrorism and brought Osama Bin Laden to justice. Republican Congressman Pete Olson praises those who serve in our military and intelligence agencies for keeping the war on terrorism off the shores of the United States. Democrat Sheila Jackson-Lee says the U.S. needs to remain vigilant.

“There is no doubt that someone will be offended enough to consider retaliation. And that’s why the president has raised the alert for Americans overseas — those who are traveling, (and) has asked for collaboration with our allies. I believe there will be a further investigation by Congress to determine the cooperation of Pakistan.”

Republican John Culberson says Bin Laden’s death comes at a time when calls for freedom and liberty are sweeping the Arab world, and his death represents the removal of a dying ideology. Republican Congressman Kevin Brady says while his death doesn’t end the terrorist threat, it opens the door for closure for thousands of American families. Republican Ted Poe says simply “if you attack America, justice will be done.”


Ed Mayberry

Ed Mayberry

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