HISD Shows Progress on TAKS Scores

HISD has released preliminary TAKS scores — showing overall progress in the district. Houston fifth graders and eighth graders are performing better at reading and math than last year. Laurie Johnson reports.

Houston School District officials compared the reading and math scores from 7th grade students last year to 8th grade students this year.

In both the district, and in Apollo 20 schools, the numbers improved.

HISD Superintendent Terry Grier says in Apollo 20 classrooms where students get a double dose of math and reading, the number of students who passed the TAKS is up 20 percent.

“So is that progress? Yes. Is that victory? Don’t think so. It’s a small snapshot, as I said before. I think that it’s still concrete evidence that we’re moving in the right place.”

Despite the gains, Apollo 20 students are passing the TAKS at a lower rate than the rest of the district.

And Grier says it’s too early to draw conclusions from these test results. Students who did not pass the first round of TAKS
have a second chance to take the test. When those scores are in and combined with the first round, the district will have a clearer picture of student performance.

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Laurie Johnson

Laurie Johnson


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