Yard Waste Savings

The City of Houston stopped picking up yard waste in plastic bags a year ago, now only picking up clippings and leaves that are left in compostable bags.  That change has saved the city considerable money in just a year's time, according to Marina Joseph with the Solid Waste Management Department.

“We have seen $1.5 million in savings. This program has been very instrumental in helping us save the taxpayers’ dollars, as well as landfill space, in these tough economic times.”

The city pays about $25 in landfill leases per ton of solid waste. The city has a corporate partnership with living earth to convert the yard waste into mulch.

“Green waste makes up about 33 percent of our waste stream. And just by the diversion of the yard trimmings alone — the yard waste — we have diverted 25,526 tons of yard waste, and that’s one year’s time.”

Joseph says the Solid Waste Department hasn’t seen an increase in disposal tonnage with the new yard waste policy.


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Ed Mayberry

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