TX Small Business Outlook

A new survey suggests local small businesses are gearing up to expand. But many are finding it increasingly hard to get the credit they need. Andrew Schneider has the details.

Open business signAmerican Express OPEN is reporting that 61% of Texas small business owners admit having cash flow problems, up a full nine percentage points from a year ago.

Alice Bredin, small business advisor to American Express OPEN, says that in this case, such problems are a positive sign.

“Business owners are telling us that they’re interested in growth. Growth requires investment. And investment brings cash flow concerns with it typically if you run a small company. ”

Nearly a quarter of Texas small businesses say it’s gotten tougher to access capital over the past six months. Christine Hollinden, of Houston-based Hollinden Strategic Consulting, says what they’re discovering are the lingering after effects of the 2008 financial collapse.

“For a couple of years, businesses were just kind of hunkered down and in that wait-and-see mode, and they didn’t seek it. They thought it was there but hadn’t really reached out for it.”

With capital still scarce, many fear they’ll miss out on the recovery.


Andrew Schneider

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