Canine Officers Donated

The Harris County Sheriff’s Department K-9 unit welcomes four new “officers” to the ranks. The donation was made possible by a non-profit dedicated to supporting Texas law enforcement. Pat Hernandez has more.

K9s 4 Cops founder Kristi Schiller
K-9’s 4 Cops founder Kristi Schiller

At a time when budget cuts are affecting every department in Harris County, Commissioner’s Court readily approved the donation of the animals from an organization called K-9’s 4 Cops. It was the brainchild of Kristi Schiller.

“It started 15-months ago. I was watching the news and I saw that a dog was killed in Precinct 4. Some kids had stabbed this dog and killed it. I was so heart broken. It was right after the holidays, and I realized the officer without a partner, couldn’t be on the street.”

Sgt William Thomas with the Sheriff’s Dept K-9 unit says they were thrilled to get the new canine officers.

“We got two Belgian Malinois, one giant Schnauzer and one German Shepherd. The German Shepherd is a dual trained dog. He’s made to hunt people or lost people, children. He’s also  made able to track down or smell out hidden narcotics.”

There are twelve K-9 units in the Sheriff’s Department. Last year they answered over 18-hundred calls for canine assistance. The donation is worth in excess of 60-thousand dollars, but Thomas says the animals are priceless.

“That’s correct. Being a backup for that officer. Whenever you might have to send another officer, he might be able to answer a call by himself. Being able to locate narcotics in an area that would take other officers hours to search. I mean, you can’t put a put a value on it.”

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