Houston Slips on List of Energy Efficient Buildings

The Environmental Protection Agency has released its list of the cities with the most energy efficient buildings. As Rod Rice reports — Houston is still in the top ten but the competition is fierce.

This is the third year for the list of cities with the most Energy Star certified buildings. In 2008 Houston was third with 145, last year it came in 6th place and in 2010 Houston ranked 7th with 175 Energy Star buildings. The EPA’s Maura Beard says Houston’s ranking may be declining, because even though it added buildings other cities added even more because energy efficiency is a popular notion.

“Buildings that have earned the Energy Star use about 35% less energy and emit about 35% less carbon dioxide. So, Houston definitely sees the value, but they definitely are in a neck and neck competition with other cities out there in the United States.”

In fact a city with 145 efficient buildings didn’t even make the top 10 in 2010. Dallas-Ft. Worth just made the cut.

“In 2008 only two of the cities in the top 10 had more than 150 Energy Star certified buildings. Now, nine of the top ten cities have more than 150 and Dallas is only two buildings short of that number.”

Beard says the number of Energy Star buildings increased 60% just from 2009 to 2010.

For more information, visit the Energy Star links: Top 25 list and how to get certification.