Serial Rapist In Harris County

The Harris County Sheriff’s Office is asking the public to help find a serial rapist. Investigators say DNA evidence links three cases to the same person, but who that person is remains a mystery. Bill Stamps has more.

Harris County Sherriff’s Lt.Reuben Diaz wants to catch a man who has attacked several women in the Houston area in the past three years. Two of the attacks occurred in the past six months.

“We’ve had three separate cases that we can confirm that quite possibly is the same suspect, which has set up an alarm for us. That’s why we are trying to get you guys to see if there’s any other victims that might be able to come forward. If there are any other victims out there that might be able to come forward, if they know any information that might be able to help us out. Help us find out who this guy is.”

Serial Rapist Lt. Diaz says in each case the suspect has used a box cutter to scare his victims. All three attacks occurred at night while the women were alone.

“The first case happened in Spring Branch ISD. It happened while the female was running track in the middle of the night, which was something she normally always did and was attacked from this gentleman. But that happened in ’07.  Then we didn’t hear anything anymore, any other cases related to that until recently. In November we had a case and December we had a case. And all three of them came back through our DNA evidence that it is the same particular suspect that is doing these things.”

The other two cases happened in the laundry room of separate apartment complexes. The suspect is described as a black male 5-3’ to 5’7 inches tall. He drives a white Ford Expedition, but has also been seen in a dark colored truck.

Anyone with information about these cases is asked to call Crime Stoppers or the Harris County Sheriff’s Office.