Subway vs. McDonald’s

Subway has passed McDonald’s to become the world’s largest restaurant chain. Andrew Schneider looks at what McDonald’s is doing to attract more customers.

sub sandwichAccording to the Wall Street Journal, sandwich chain Subway now runs more than 33,700 restaurants worldwide. That’s over a thousand more locations than McDonald’s has.

Matt Biespiel, global brand director for McDonald’s, came to Houston this week to address the local chapter of the American Marketing Association. Biespiel says McDonald’s is investing heavily in redesigning its stores to make them more attractive to customers. He also notes the company is making a greater effort to tailor its menus.

“People today are looking for more and more choices. So whether it’s spicy chicken wings in China or oatmeal in the United States or artisan breads throughout Europe, it’s giving people the food choices that they’re really looking for — that they can enjoy — whether they’re eating at home, eating in our restaurants, driving through, or, in parts of Asia, having it delivered to their homes.”

The two chains are in a dead heat locally. Each operates roughly 300 restaurants in the Houston area.


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