Outlook For Small Businesses

A national survey indicates small business confidence is on the rise for the first time in at least a year and a half. Andrew Schneider has the story on the outlook for Texas.

Merchant Circle logoMerchantCircle is reporting small business confidence rose in the fourth quarter of 2010, the first such increase since the social network began conducting its survey in the third quarter of 2009.

Company vice president Darren Waddell says that Texas small businesses are especially bullish. He says they’re stepping up their marketing accordingly.

“I really question if Texas business owners are getting any sleep at all, because they seem to be using everything and really trying a lot of new and innovative approaches to getting the word out about their business.”

Waddell says Texas small business owners are increasingly turning to online marketing, in order to save money. But he says there’s still a role for print advertising.

“I don’t think that we’ll ever fully replace the handy Yellow Pages. You know, when I look in my Yellow Pages right now, I see a lot of plumber advertisements, for example. Sometimes, if I’ve got a pipe that broke, I need to grab for the Yellow Pages and look it up.”

MerchantCircle spoke with more than 8,500 small businesses. Most of those surveyed employ ten people or less.


Andrew Schneider

Andrew Schneider

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