Stranded Whale Fights for Survival

A 12-foot long pygmy sperm whale is fighting for its
life at a marine mammal rescue facility in Galveston.

Video: Michael Paulsen

The 1000-pound whale was discovered in the shallow surf off Jamaica Beach this morning and was hauled to the Marine Mammal Stranding Facility in Galveston. Heidi Whitehead is with the non-profit rescue organization.

“We have drawn blood from the animal and are sending that for analysis and are collecting cultures and our veterinarian is coming to complete an assessment on the animal and at that point we’ll make a determination as to whether the animal is a rehab candidate and what the prognosis is.”

Whitehead says to her knowledge, a pygmy sperm whale has never been successfully rehabilitated in captivity. She says the whale will be euthanized if veterinarians determine it can’t be saved.