Coast Guard Baffled by Spill

The Coast Guard is baffled this evening by mile long oil slick along the shore in Galveston Bay. Crews are working to clean up the mess but so far they have no idea where the oil came from. Bill Stamps has more.

Coast Guard Petty Officer Prentice Danner says the oil is along the shore at April Fool’s Point in San Leon. He says a thin sheen of oil is mostly on the rocks and not out in the water. Not enough to cause any problems for wildlife but enough that it needs to be cleaned up.

Right now they’re waiting for tests to determine what type of oil it is and that could tell them where it came from.

“We keep a record of fingerprints, oil fingerprints, that come back to us. If it matches one from a previous spill it will be connected back to that particular source and that responsible party, but until we get those results it’s a guessing game at this point.”

No major spills from either an oil rig or boat have been reported recently, but officer Danner says there’s always the possibility that it came from a source that didn’t know it spilled or knew and didn’t report it.

“I’d say that’s possible. I mean, we don’t have any reason to suspect that. But it’s like anything else, to an extent we know what’s reported. If it’s not reported, then it’s harder for us to find those things out.”

About thirty people from a private company are out cleaning up the oil. Those tests are expected back later this week and then they may have a better idea exactly where the oil came from.