Warrant Round-up Time

Law enforcement agencies throughout the area and around the state will be joining together next month to arrest people with outstanding warrants. As Rod Rice reports the annual “Great Texas Warrant Round-up” is a way to clear cases and give people a chance to avoid an embarrassing arrest.

Beginning March 5th police departments from small towns to Harris County and the City of Houston will be out in force to arrest people with outstanding warrants. These can be for traffic violations or any class-C misdemeanor.  Barbara Hartle is the Presiding Judge of the City of Houston Municipal Court.

“If they don’t come in between now and March 5th then they really need to be concerned that they’re going to be under arrest and brought before a judge in handcuffs.”

Authorities say that with today’s technology it is easier than ever to track people down, even those who have left one jurisdiction for another.  So, they say, pay now or you could be picked up at your home or at your job and hauled off to court.

Judge Hartle says round-ups in past years have been successful.

“When we did this in 2010 we were able to close over 33-thousand cases. In 2009 we able to close over 31-thousand cases. In each of those years we were able to collect over two-million.”

Even though the round-up begins March 5th there is no official end date.