Egypt Makes History

As Egyptians around the world celebrate that country’s change in power — one local expert calls this a world event as significant as the fall of the Berlin Wall. Laurie Johnson reports.

Source: Flickr from Mostafa Ahmed.

Several reporters and TV trucks waited outside Houston’s Egyptian consulate today, expecting some sort of crowd or celebration to form.

But all around the building was quiet and Egyptian nationals never showed up.

Mustafa Tameez was a consultant with the Department of Homeland Security under the Bush Administration. He says it’s remarkable that peaceful demonstrations led to the downfall of a dictator.

“Coming out on the streets, I don’t think sometimes Americans can imagine what it’s like to step forward when the tanks are right there, when the military are there, when people are pointing guns at you, to begin a peaceful protest process. They did so at their own peril, at their own risk.”

Tameez calls this an historic event that Americans should watch and remember as a step toward democracy and freedom for the Egyptian people.


Laurie Johnson

Laurie Johnson


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