Learn CPR and Save a Life

Every two minutes someone dies of a heart attack. If someone close by had sudden cardiac arrest right now would you know what to do? Rod Rice reports that if you don’t, you can sign up now for several mass CPR classes next month at the Texans indoor training facility.

If you know how to do CPR and never need to do it — you’ll be lucky.  If you do need it — someone else will be the lucky one. Someone like Scott Corron of Houston.  He is now and was in January of 2009 a trim and fit athlete who rode in bicycle marathons. He was riding in Memorial Park when without warning he became very nauseous. And then it happened.

“I suffered cardiac arrest on the bicycle at 22 miles per hour. I fell and hit the street and fortunate for me was observed by two people who were trained in CPR.”

He says they performed CPR until medics arrived and got him to a hospital. He says to his knowledge eight people suffered heart attacks in Memorial Park in 2009, six died and the other survivor has lingering complication.

Valentina Ugolini is a cardiologist at The Methodist Hospital and says people near a heart attack victim are important because when the heart stops pumping oxygen, hungry organs like the brain and the heart suffer grave damage very quickly.

“If the victim stays without any kind of help, after about ten minutes, it’s virtually impossible to resuscitate the person because damage to the organs becomes irreversible.”

Dr Ugolini says even if you’re not trained in CPR applying chest compressions to a heart attack victim is better than offering no aid at all.  However, knowing CPR and how to use and AED, or automated external defibrillator, is the best knowledge you can have if someone has a heart attack.

Two CPR/AED classes will be held Saturday February 12th in English and a third will be in Spanish on Sunday the 13th.  You can sign-up online at houston-save-a-life-dot-org.