Who’ll be the First?

In the world of personalized license plates, seven characters is no big deal. It is in Texas, where it took 33-years to run out of six character messages. Motorists will have a chance to be the first ever to choose all seven characters on an official Texas license plate. Pat Hernandez has more.

Vanity license plates offer a mark of distinction, whether you’re a PAINTER, SURGEON or DENTIST. Or maybe you’re a big sports fan, like COWBOYS or COUGARS. Whether you’re THE BOSS or THE BEST, or just feel really BLESSED,
these seven character plates or one of your choosing can be yours.

Kim Miller Drummond is with My Plates, the exclusive vendor for the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles. It has contributed 2.5-million dollars to the state general fund. She says Texas motorists have been waiting for the chance to buy a plate with seven characters.

“We have two thousand people on a registered list, saying ‘please tell us when 7 character plates become available.’ Well, those become available the night of January 13th at the ‘Great Plate Auction.’ It’s held in Dallas and is open to the entire state of Texas. If you can’t attend Cowboy Stadium, you can sign up on our site to bid by phone, to get one of these 7 character personalized plates.”

Drummond says 32 specific combinations will be auctioned that night, but the last lot of the night, number 33, is called bidder’s choice.

“The person who wins ‘bidder’s choice’, gets to be the first Texan ever, to choose from the air, whatever seven characters they would like to be on their license plate. Whatever numbers or letters, ‘bidder’s choice’ guarantees that you are the first person to choose your combination.”

After January 13th Drummond says they’ll announced the date that seven character personalized plates will be available to everyone else. Information on signing up can be found at