I Resolve to Get in Shape!

It is one of the most common New Year’s resolutions: a vow to lose weight and get fit. Research shows that a lot of gym memberships go unused and attendance returns to normal in a little over a month after the new year. Pat Hernandez has more.

How many of us made the pledge that this is the year that we finally get in shape? Each January, fitness clubs here in Houston offer deals and promotions to those who want to make good on their resolutions.  Brent Gallagher is a personal trainer in West University where he and his wife own and operate a fitness center.

“We started picking up people in October and we’ve gained as far as training clients. We’ve gained about 45 new clients. And with this week here starting up, I think we have about ten new people that are going to be starting with us this week, so it’s a big week formn everybody getting started with things.”

He says it’s human nature that people get on the health band wagon at the start of the new year.

“Sometimes it gets a little scared reaction from some people, because they don’t want to jump in that quick, but most people want to get started straight away. And with us in our training field, they wanted the results yesterday. So the faster that we can get them here and get them moving, the faster they’re going to get towards achieving their goals.”

He says the mindset of people heading to the gym is as different as the vehicles they arrive in. After a season of junk food and holiday parties, Gallagher says it’s only natural that a vow to lose weight and get fit would follow.

“Depending on what their goals are. A lot of people never even think about ‘Oh, I just need to train a little bit harder to work off what I ate.’ When at the end of the day, you’re never gonna out train a bad diet. So, you can work out every day seven days a week, but if your eating is not gonna match up with that, you’re never gonna see the difference.”

The most popular new year resolutions are to lose weight, get fit, eat right and reduce stress. Gallagher and other trainers say that all these four goals are actually linked to one another. To lose weight, you must start to exercise
and start to eat healthier, more nutritious foods to provide you with the energy required to be more active. Being fitter and healthier can lead to a reduction in stress. working outAt the UH Wellness Center, I found a couple on the treadmill.
This man tells me that going to the gym has its rewards.

“I leave this place happy. I don’t know if it’s something related to hormones, endorphins going on in your body after working out. I feel good.”

This woman says working out helps her mentally as well.

“I feel better by exercising because I just make my mind empty.”

Here’s a rule of thumb with your new commitment. The less work it takes to work out and the more fun it is, the more likely you are to stick with your New Year’s resolution.

Pictures are courtesy of West U Fitness.