Thursday AM December 23rd, 2010

A new website helps you set up a personal web page specifically to find employment. Ed Mayberry reports the site allows you to enter your skills, and the free service generates a personal web page to showcase those skills.

It’s called T-I-S-C-H-E-N, and it’s a platform designed by Saman Rahmanian.

“It’s actually based on the German word ’tisch.’ I grew up in Austria, and tisch means ‘table.’ To me, it’s been a symbol for craftsmanship, so it’s a made-up name based on the word ‘table’ in German.”

Employers can find potential employees in their city from the listings on

“You click on ‘create my page’ and within a few seconds you have a page that shows your picture, shows what skills you do, what rates yuo work for and what times you’re available.”

Members can post their page to Craigslist, publish it to their LinkedIn and Facebook accounts and embed widgets on their homepage.

“And that means that your page is connected to your friends and circles, so that if somebody is looking for let’s say, a plumber, they could just search for a plumber by region, but they can also say ‘just show me plumbers I’m friends with or one of my friends is friends with.”

Ramhanian says everyone has more skills to offer than what their last job title might suggest. pages look professionally designed, even for those without web savvy. Jobseekers can include downloadable business cards and flyers, and can post samples of their work.

Tischen website screen shot


Ed Mayberry

Ed Mayberry

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