County Will Save Paper and Money

With the end of the year approaching Harris County property owners are beginning to pay their taxes.
As Rod Rice reports the tax office is changing a long time practice that will save the county money.

The Harris County Tax Office’s Fred King says Harris County sends out about 1.4 million tax bills. He says to save money you will no longer get a tax receipt.

“Just doing away with automatically mailing receipts to taxpayers who paid by mail, is going to save us about $200,000.”

King says in most cases your bank records will be proof you paid your taxes and if you need an actual receipt you can print one online h-c-tax-dot-net. King says you should wait about two weeks after mailing your taxes to get the online receipt.

There is another change in effect for this year only.  Because the Tax Office will be closed on Friday December 31st you’ll get an extra business day to meet an end of the year deadline.

“And so because December 31st, the deadline to pay your taxes to get credit in 2010, falls on a county holiday, payments made on January 3rd are going to be dated December 31st.”

And remember, taxes must be paid by January 31st to avoid additional penalties and interest.