Tuesday AM November 30th, 2010

Employers have been in the driver’s seat for a couple of years, but the table may be turning for some professions. Ed Mayberry reports.

sales figuresAccording to the new Robert Half International 2011 Salary Guide, staff accountants, business intelligence analysts, lawyers and paralegals — for example — will see increased demand in the coming months. And the survey finds that starting salaries, overall, are increasing. Caroline McGlaun with Robert Half’s Houston office says technology jobs should rebound.

“In the finance and accounting positions, senior business systems analysts would definitely be among one of the growing positions, and they have the largest jump in starting salary. You know, in a nutshell, as companies seek to maximize their computer systems to improve efficiences and profitability, business systems analaysts are obviously in demand to help them do that.”

McGlaun says companies have been in a slimmed-down state-of-mind for a while, but that could be changing.

“Most companies had to cut back on staff in some form or fashion over the last, you know, year or 18 months, and I think that employers overall are feeling optimistic and they are ready to, to bring on, you know, those staff that they had to cut back on. You know, keep in mind everyone is still cautious. So I would like to say that the hiring environment right now is cautiously optimistic.” 

Those jobs that foster a more positive customer experience are also growing. The most successful job candidates bring multiple skill sets to the table.


Ed Mayberry

Ed Mayberry

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