Harris County Judge Ed Emmett Suffers Shoulder Injury

Harris County Judge Ed Emmett is off duty for at least a few days after suffering an injury during a tennis match. The judge will likely have surgery to repair torn ligaments in his shoulder. Laurie Johnson reports.

Harris County Judge Ed Emmett may not be used to having his name grouped together with President Barack Obama. But this week the two men have something more in common besides holding an elected office. Just a few days ago the President suffered an injury during a basketball game that left him with 12 stitches in his lip.

Judge Emmett’s injury is a bit more serious. Joe Stinebaker with the judge’s office says Emmett often plays tennis early in the morning before heading to work.

“He was playing with an old friend of his and apparently was going for a shot and fell and landed on his right shoulder. To hear the judge describe it, he knew right away that he had a problem. He thought at first he had broken his collarbone and was concerned that it might be a compound fracture. And while it wasn’t a compound fracture, it did turn out to be worse than a broken collarbone.”

Two ligaments were torn and his shoulder was displaced. He’s scheduled to meet with an orthopedic surgeon and will likely have surgery later this week. Stinebaker says the judge is resting at home and hopes to be back in the office soon.

“The fortunate thing about the judge’s job is it’s not a very physical job in terms of he can do a lot of it — make a lot of these decisions — by telephone and meet with folks by telephone if need be. And he is, surprisingly given the pain and medication, I’ve spoken with him and he’s surprisingly doing pretty well.”

Stinebaker says they’ve freed up the judge’s schedule but there are a few events that can’t be rescheduled, so Emmett may be back at work, at least part time, by the end of the week.


Laurie Johnson

Laurie Johnson


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