Election Fuels Excitement

Harris County Republicans make significant strides in Tuesday’s election, thanks in part to straight ticket voting. One example came in precinct two, where a political newcomer pulled a major upset. The chairman of the Harris County Republican Party says he hopes the momentum continues. Pat Hernandez has more.

 Jared Woodfill, chairman of the Harris County Republican PartyAccording to the Harris County Republican Party, the straight ticket balloting in Tuesday’s election was higher than its ever been in the history of Harris County. Jared Woodfill is chairman of the Harris County Republican Party.

“We’re not gonna get comfortable. We’re not gonna get complacent. We’re not gonna rest on our past victories. We’re moving ahead, looking forward to 2012.”

PH: “Straight ticket voting might be a double-edged sword sometimes, right?”

Woodfill: “Well you know, in 2008 it obviously hurt us. We had a lot of good Republican judges that were swept out, but in 2010 we were able to take back three of those benches we lost in ’08, but we had an historic number of straight ticket votes on our side in 2010. In fact, we out voted the Democrats by about 50-thousand votes when it comes to straight ticket voting. That’s historic, that’s never happened in Harris County.”

Leading the way was the upset that happened in Harris County Precinct 2, when newcomer Jack Morman ousted incumbent Commissioner Sylvia Garcia.

“We had a Commissioner who I think had about 1.1 plus million dollars in Sylvia Garcia, and a challenger who spent about 60-thousand dollars. And so, what does it say to me? It says to me that young people, get involved in politics. Be a part of the process. You can make a difference, and you may win a big position as Jack did in County Commissioner precint number two. Jack is a young conservative with fresh bright ideas, who will be a nice refreshing voice on Commissioner’s Court, who’s gonna bring a whole new level of energy to that 4-1 Republican majority court now, and I think he’s gonna be one to watch in the future.”

Woodfill says an attorney and a family man, Morman represents the GOP’s conservative values and principles who distinguished himself from Garcia on the issues.

“Sylvia Garcia locked arm in arm with Barack Obama, and Barack Obama rocked her right to defeat. When it came time to stand for NASA, you didn’t see Sylvia Garcia say ‘We don’t want any cuts at NASA. It’s gotta stop Mr. President.’ When it came time to stand up against the moratorium on deep water drilling in the gulf, it was something that would severely affect precinct two, Sylvia Garcia didn’t stand up and say ‘It’s gotta stop.’ When it came time to defend her district and say, ‘President Obama we don’t want cap and tax,’ Sylvia Garcia was conspicuously silent. That’s why Jack Morman is now the commissioner in precinct two.”

Woodfill says he doesn’t think people in precinct 2 will miss Garcia, or they would have voted to keep her. Instead, they might have been looking for a new voice.

“And Jack Morman is that voice. He’s young, energetic, conservative, and he will bring a new vision to the precinct. I think it’s gonna be exciting to watch this future young leader.”