Kubosh Puts the Kabosh on Red Light Cameras

In one of the closest races in Harris County — proposition three was narrowly defeated. It’s the proposition that asked voters to decide whether the city should continue the red light camera program.
And the voters have spoken — indicating they don’t want the cameras any more. Laurie Johnson reports.

The battle over Houston’s red light cameras has been ongoing since the program’s inception in 2006. Michael Kubosh, leader of the group Citizens Against Red Light Cameras, has done everything possible to stop the program. He’s filed lawsuits, run petition drives and yesterday worked the polls from sun-up to sun-down, rallying supporters to his cause.  And against the odds, his hard work paid off.

“I’m tired. My feet hurt, but I’m overjoyed with the fact that the will of the people has been satisfied. They got a chance to vote. They did vote and they voted the cameras out.”

Pundits didn’t see this one coming. The surveys heading into the election showed Houstonians keeping the red light camera program.

Kubosh was outnumbered in advertising and endorsements. Lots of heavy hitters backed the measure — people like Mayor Annise Parker, Former President George HW Bush and his wife Barbara, and Jim McIngvale, otherwise known as Mattress Mac.

Kubosh says he’s not sure the battle is over, even now.

“The citizens were able to see through all of the games that were played and all of the stuff that was said. And I’m just so glad. I’m just glad now the citizens have had a right to speak. And I want to see the — I want to go before council this next week and ask them to take the cameras down, because I’m sure that there’ll be a lawsuit filed saying the election wasn’t legal.”

Kubosh won’t be at city council this morning because he’s not signed up to speak during the public session today. But he says he plans to be there next week in the possibility that the city tries to overturn the referendum.

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Laurie Johnson

Laurie Johnson


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