Wednesday AM October 27th, 2010

Even as the magazine industry struggles with declining advertising revenue, Houston-based Health & Fitness Sports magazine continues to thrive. Ed Mayberry reports.

Health & Fitness Sports magazineHealth & Fitness Sports magazine has been publishing continuously for over 25 years. The current issue features Houston Texans receiver Andre Johnson. The magazine’s Pat Monfrey credits a loyal staff and longtime advertisers for surviving tough times in the magazine industry.

“Some of our advertisers have been with us since the magazine was founded, but still we’re in very rough times now, and that’s not a secret to anyone. We do have some accounts who struggle, and when they struggle, we struggle. We try to work with them if they are in a bind, and they in turn work with us, and it pays off.”

The online version of the magazine has 7,000 monthly visitors. Monfrey says she tries to work with the web, even as it creeps into the world of hard copies.

“Well, we work with it. We have a digital version of our entire magazine that’s done in about nine languages. And we’re also finding that our, the younger readership is coming onboard. They want to do everything with the internet, but they still like to own and hold the magazine. And I hope that never changes.”

Health & Fitness Sports is distributed free of charge to fitness centers, spas, salons, supermarkets, hospitals, clinics and other health, sports, recreation and fashion facilities in the Houston area.


Ed Mayberry

Ed Mayberry

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