Monday AM October 18th, 2010

Should job searches continue through the holidays? The author of New Resume, New Career recommends that you keep at it. Ed Mayberry reports.

New Resume, New Career book coverHiring managers have year-end deadlines, and holiday activities often put managers in a more receptive mood. Holiday events are a natural networking environment.  Author Catherine Jewell is a career coach.

“A lot of people are tempted to quit for about six weeks because there’s so many family activities, and actually if you stay in the job search there’s less competition. In some companies, there’s actually a little less activity and so managers sometimes are even more receptive to being approached directly about a job.”

Jewell says the holiday period is a perfect time to polish and refine resumes.  She recommends using key words that are found in job descriptions.

“I don’t believe you should ever write a resume unless you have a job description for that job. So you start with a job description, and you can just literally shop for job descriptions on the internet, and then take a look at all the words that are common from one description to the next. And you’ll have a very good notion of what the key words that need to appear on your resume.”

Jewell recommends taking advantage of the extra networking opportunities of holidays–parties given by associations, chambers and clubs that are of interest.  Use the opportunities to thank former clients, vendors, co-workers, bosses and mentors.


Ed Mayberry

Ed Mayberry

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