Wednesday AM September 8th, 2010

Houston employers expect to hire at a respectable pace in the fourth quarter, according to a survey. Ed Mayberry reports.

The latest Manpower Employment Outlook Survey indicates 18 percent of companies interviewed plan to hire more employees, while nine percent expect to reduce their payrolls.  That’s a net nine percent increase.  Manpower’s Doug Karr says consumers can take note that several sectors look positive.

“The consumer is still looking for that confidence level that, ‘are we completely coming out of recession?’ and they’re still looking at saving dollars a little bit here and there.”

Ed: “You said the consumers.  Also the employers, too? Are they sort of looking for some kind of positive signs themselves?”

“They are.  I think that representative in the numbers that 18 percent are looking to increase their staff count, there’s more demand for the products and services–a positive sign–but in the same breath, you’re looking at employers that are looking for that continued optimistic growth, that consumers are confident that this is going to be a continuous growth.”

The survey shows that 71 percent expect to maintain their current staff levels.

“Exactly, and you pick up on a great point, because if you look at the percentage of companies that are looking to maintain, combined with those that are looking to increase, you’re looking at 89 percent of the companies in our area are to maintain or add to their staff count.”

Ed: “Does it say anything about beyond the fourth quarter, or can we draw anything from this?”

“It is a forward-looking survey, but what it does, it only looks forward to the next quarter.  And typically, if you’re a company that’s hiring, you know what you’re going to be doing in the next three to four months.  Sometimes that can change if you’re going out six, nine, 12 months into the future.”

Manpower’s survey notes that 15 percent of employers surveyed nationally are expecting a net four percent increase in staff levels.


Ed Mayberry

Ed Mayberry

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