Monday AM September 6th, 2010

For a third consecutive quarter, Texas executives say they’re confident about growth prospects. And many plan to increase hiring in professional occupations. Ed Mayberry reports.

The latest Robert Half International Professional Employment Report finds that 95 percent of Texas executives surveyed are confident about growth prospects of their companies for the fourth quarter, as Tyra Olson explains.

“Yes, I think many companies now are in the place where, you know, they woke up and maybe they did break their team down a little bit too much or got, you know, got a little too thin, there, and now they’re making the decision that—you know what?—maybe it is time to add to our staff.  But they’re being very conservative, they’re doing it slowly.  Many companies are even utilizing temporary and temporary-to-full-time as a way to get through this, just to make sure.”

A net six percent of executives plan to increase hiring in professional occupations next quarter.  Companies in the business services sector expect the most active hiring in the fourth quarter—a net 16 percent of executives anticipating personnel additions.

“Business services would include advertising, personnel services, maybe data processing, repair services—people and places that offer services.  And then followed by that, of course, would be manufacturing.”

Ed: “And I was surprised to see (the) legal field doing some strong hiring.  Any reasons for that?”

“The legal field is feeling the uptick because of mergers and acquisitions, possibly bankruptcies.  So many companies are going through change right now.”

Businesses in southern states project the most hiring activity—a net nine percent expecting to add professional-level staff.


Ed Mayberry

Ed Mayberry

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