Galveston Begins Series Of Ike Recovery Neighborhood Meetings

People in Galveston are getting the chance to tell the city exactly what they want to see in their neighborhoods, as reconstruction continues, nearly two years after Hurricane Ike. As David Pitman reports, a series of planning meetings begins this evening.

The City of Galveston already has a master recovery plan.  The purpose of these meetings, focusing on 18 separate areas of town, is to find out at the grass-roots level what people are would like to see in their neighborhoods when they walk out the front door.

“We want our citizens to talk about sidewalks, and drainage, and parks, and amenities.”

Betty Massey is the chair of the Long-Term Recovery Committee.

“We’ve talked since Hurricane Ike about do-overs in Galveston.  Having the opportunity to do things over and do them better.”

Massey says this isn’t just a wish list.  She wants to hear about those shovel-ready projects that could be paid for with as much as $5 million in relief funds.

“We’re asking our city leadership to allocate a pool of money from the second round of disaster assistance money which won’t get here until next year at the best.”

This evening’s meetings will concentrate on Channelview and the Robert Cohen subdivision, two areas Ike hit the hardest.  The planning process is expected to last about six months, and it could take up to two years before any of the projects residents want are completed.  For a list of meeting locations and times for all 18 neighborhoods, visit, or view the page below.


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