Tuesday AM August 31st, 2010

A group organized by the American Petroleum Institute wants to get the attention of Congress. They’ve organized a “rally for jobs” tomorrow in Houston and two other Texas cities, to voice their concerns about employment and the economy. Ed Mayberry reports.

The Texas rallies will be the first of a series to take place in five states during the Congressional recess period.  API’s Rayola Dougher says the idea is to mobilize allies on the effect of energy policy on jobs, taxes and economic development.

“It’s a nationwide alliance of organizations and individuals that are formed to bring together people from across America.  We want to remind Congress of how important energy is to our way of life and to jobs, and we’re worried that Washington is headed in the wrong direction on a lot of these policies that affect energy.  And there’ll be these different action centers where you’ll have an opportunity to make little videos to send to Congress and to meet like-minded people who are concerned about energy policy and what we’re doing to get folks back to work.”

Dougher is a senior economic adviser for the American Petroleum Institute.  A quarter of the Texas economy can be linked to the energy sector.

“It’s huge in Texas.  It’s over 1.7 million jobs, one way or the other, in Texas, are associated with the oil and gas industry, and as you said, 25 percent of the state’s economy is tied in.  Our industry supports over nine million American jobs, that we account for seven-and-a-half percent of the gross domestic product.  So we’re big, we’re important, we produce over 60 percent of the energy that America uses.  So energy policy matters.  It matters greatly.”

API’s”Rally for Jobs” is set for 11 tomorrow morning at the George R. Brown Convention Center.

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